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Garam Masala Recipe


Garam Masala Recipe

Garam masala is a mixture of aromatic spices used in many Indian dishes. You can buy Garam masala at Indian grocery stores, but home made is always fresher and better. Below you will find two Garam Masala recipes, one simple and one a little more complex. The simple garam masala recipe has fewer ingredients and only makes 3 table spoons, perfect if you rarely cook Indian food or if you can't find all the spices for the complex recipe. The more complex one makes a larger batch. Store the garam masala in a clean sterilized tight glass jar.

Garam Masala

1/3 cup coriander seeds

1/3 cup cumin seeds

2 tbsp. green cardamom pods

2-4 black cardamoms (optional)

2 tbsp. cloves

1 tbsp. black pepper corns

6-8 cinnamon sticks, approx. 2 inch long

4 Indian Bay Leaves (Cassia Leaves, not from the Laurel Tree like we use in the western world - if you can't find Indian Bey Leaves, leave this out of the recipe)

1 Small nutmeg (if you do not have this you can add 1 tsp. nutmeg into the spice mix after it is done)

1 Star Anise

3 Strands of Mace

1 tbsp. fennel seeds

1 tbsp. caraway seeds

Roasting prices for Garam Masala

Put all the spices into a dry pan and roast over medium heat for 2-3 minutes, until you start smelling the aromas. Cool down completely before grinding in a spice grinder, coffee grinder, or food processor (I use my Nutri bullet). Store the masala in a sterilized glass jar. The simplest way to sterilize a glass jar is to wash it, rinse it and add it wet to the microwave oven. Microwave for 30 - 45 seconds depending on the size of the jar.

Simple Garam Masala:


8 green cardamom pods

1 tsp. black pepper corns

2 tsp. cumin seeds

2 tsp. coriander seeds

2 inch (5 cm) cinnamon stick

1 tsp. cloves

Prepare the same way as the Garam Masala with more ingredients above.

On this blog you will find these dishes using Garam Masala



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