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Torhild R.

Hi, my name is Torhild Rana. I was raised in a small village called Ramsund in North of Norway. At the age of 26 I ventured out of Norway and moved to India to work for the Norwegian foreign service. I lived there for three years before moving to California, where I still live today.


I was never very interested in cooking, however i Love eating tasty food. Eating out can quickly become expensive, especially if you are trying to eat healthy and if you are heading for the more affordable eateries, the food is in general not that healthy. And as far as medium priced restaurants are concerned, I find that a lot of times you end up paying for food that was really not all that tasty.


When you cook at home you know what is in the food and you can make it a lot cheaper than eating out. For a year or so I have tried coming up with recipes that are tasty, healthy-ish and affordable. I love making big one-pots that I can spread out over a couple of days so that I can skip cooking the second day.  


My husband grew up eating Mediterranean food and he does not like greasy food or sauces. My youngest child seem to head in the same direction in the food department. So to please them I try to cook very rarely with cheese or milk products. Yes it is tasty with cheese, but it also makes the food less healthy and more fatty. I try to focus on making sure the food is wholesome, using mostly organic options, fresh produce and lots of herbs and spices for flavoring. Now and then I can use canned beans or sauce, but not as a rule. This way the family stays healthy and I don't have to worry about how many calories are in the meals. 

I hope you try out some of the recipes. They are really good!


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